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Lets go!

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It’s that time of year again Chilli-growing season. I’ve been growing my own chillies for the past 3 years now and this is the first time I have a garden and more importantly, a warm south facing conservatory to grow them in. I say conservatory but it’s more like a plywood shack, which glass panes and a corrugated plastic roof (my engineer boyfriend said ‘uhoh’ the first time we went in it). When the sun shines, it can get really warm and dry, great for drying clothes and great for growing chillies.

I’m growing Cayenne, a mid-sized bushy plant that not only looks attractive but also produces great chillies for cooking.

Chillies are really easy to grow, you can find hundreds of articles on the best soil, containers, propagators etc etc on the internet. But like all plants, give them the right conditions they will thrive.

I am keeping it simple by growing mine in 5×3 seed tray with normal peat-free compost. I am keeping them as warm as possible while waiting for them to germinate so they’re positioned on my dining table by the radiator.

I’ve planted them in just a couple of inches of soil, not too deep to give them an easy ride. I was planning on germinating them first by putting them in between damp kitchen roll in a jiffy bag placed somewhere warm but I ran out of time.

Can’t wait to see the little fellas!

Heres a not very exciting picture!