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Winners and freaks

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Winners and freaks

After three weeks of staring at lifeless mounds of dirt my chillies are up! They had a slow start as I under estimated how warm the ‘conservatory’ is so had to relocate them by the radiator on dining room table.

I was starting to doubt these seeds as they were the third generation from some seeds I was given a few years ago, so I was wondering if anything at all would happen. I’d lost the seeds I’d saved and had to scrounge some spare ones my sister. Now she wasn’t sure if they were red pepper or Chillie seeds, so even though she’s 98% sure they are chillies there could be a chance that these guys turn out to be their capsicum cousins. In which case I’ll probably rename this blog Peppitastic and carry on!


Here they are, first leaves coming on strong and signs of second leaves already appearing. I am going to leave them in the seed tray for a couple more weeks, watering regularly and occasionally feeding them. I have also been putting them in the sun – when its out! – and moving back by the radiator at night to give them a good start.

Now while most of the seedlings look strong and normal there are two who are already singled out as – er different. One has come up with three leaves, one normal leaf and a dual Siamese leaf – a freak of nature just like a four leaf clover. I don’t usually name plants (plants don’t have names!) but this one has to be called Lucky.


Another has come up with practically no leaves at all. I’m not sure what happened to them but it has nothing but one stumping half leaf. Other growers would probably get rid of this loser and concentrate on the winners but I like a challenge.

You can hardly see anything but that green dot is a chillie

I wonder if these two genetic freaks are a result of inbreeding my chillies for the past couple of years? And if it would be a good idea to buy some proper seeds and freshen up the gene pool??