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Chillie growing in Palma

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Wow it’s been a while since the last time I posted, I have to blame work (can’t wait till my work is just chilling and growing chillies!) My chillies have come on leaps and bounds. This summer weather has been so fortunate for British chillies growers, my chillies are absolutely thriving in the conservatory.

I’ve been lucky enough to have spent the last week in Palma for work unfortunately! But nonetheless it was a lovely trip. The weather was just ambient enough to wear summer clothes without it being so hot it’s uncomfortable.

The pace of life out there is completely different to the rat race I run every day in London. I spent the day working in beautiful cool offices with big shuttered windows thrown open to the world. And the in the evening I explored the small cobbled streets.

I am incredibly jealous of my work colleagues and fellow chillies enthusiasts, who told me how they grow their chillies all year round on their balconies. The winter weather isn’t quite warm enough to get chillies all year round but by late April/early May they will begin fruiting.

I’ve now resolved to live in a climate warm enough to grow chillies on balconies! Preferably a balcony like this….


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